Wooden Pivot Doors

Real Wood Doors introduces a new evolution of wooden pivot doors. Real Wood Doors are sustainable Eco-friendly doors which use the best of natural resources, natural wood, and licensed patented technologies to create a composite solid wood door designed to last for centuries.

Real Wood Doors offers you the original wooden pivot door slabs which are unfinished, trimmed, and ready to stain or paint.

Anyone can have access to our award-winning professional doors and technology which is renowned as the best in the wooden pivot door industry. Ours is the only way to create a Real Wood Door that will never warp.

Wooden pivot doors are prone to warp because this is the nature of the natural wood which expands and contracts with changes in the environment causing the wood to move. Real Wood Doors do not warp because they are engineered to not warp. In fact, every Real Wood Door is guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years.

Real Wood Door pivot doors are available in standard sizes and finishes only and feature 100 percent real wood surfaces which can easily be repaired if damaged over the service life of your Real Wood Door pivoting door.

Real Wood Door Alder Pivot Door
Real Wood Door Alder Pivot Door

Wooden pivot door size limitations: While wooden pivot doors could conceivably be manufactured to meet and size or weight requirements, Real Wood Doors are only available in standard sizes, available via our order page.

Pivot door frames and pivot door hardware are not available direct from Real Wood Door as we provide the best wooden pivot doors factory direct to door professionals and DIY enthusiasts with the skills necessary to install hardware (not provided by Real Wood Door), finish the wood pivot doors appropriately, and to either install the wooden pivot door, or have it installed by a professional.

Real Wood Doors are available as large oversized pivot doors up to 4 ft. wide and 12 ft. tall.

You may have access to our standard sized pivoting doors as are available below, and you can order as many as you like quickly and easily online.

Real Wood Door pivot doors are fully engineered to prevent warping, bending, cupping, or any severe movement of the wood surface which might compromise the integrity of the door or cause your pivot door to fail.

Real Wood Doors may look like other solid wood pivot doors, but our licensed patented technology allows us to create a pivot door that is lighter and stronger than any other solid wood pivot doors made by conventional methods of pivot door manufacture.

Wooden pivot doors are by far the most sought-after pivot doors in the housing industry today, and you can have the best real wood pivot door in your home, if you want a more elegant, sustainable, and Eco-friendly wood pivot doors that comes with our genuine 50 year warp-free guarantee.

Currently, Real Wood Door pivot doors are available in 5 styles of various sizes which are standard. The sizes, styles, and pivot door prices are as follows:

6 Panel Pivot Door Slab

• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches

1 Panel Pivot Door Slab

• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches

5 Lite Panel Pivot Door Slab (w/5 clear glass inserts)

• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches

French Pivot Door Slab (w/full length lite opening)

• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches
• 24 x 80 x 1.38 inches

9 Lite (dual pane) Opening Pivot Door Slab

• 36 x 80 x 1.75 inches

Real Wood Door Wood Pivot Door Species

Note: Real Wood Door are 1/8″ real wood, not veneer.

Mahogany 5 Glass Opening Modern Pivot Door
Real Wood Door Mahogany 5 Glass Opening Modern Pivot Door

As you can see, you can enjoy the elegance of wood and glass configurations in your Real Wood Door pivot doors in a large single glass opening French door pivoting design, a 5-lite pivot door design, or a spectacular 9 glass opening modern pivot door design.

Please note prices are for unfinished pivot door slabs only.

These are the same pivot door slabs that are provided to door companies and custom door manufacturers who finish and install the Real Wood Door pivot doors.

We offer no support or recommendations for pivot door hardware or installation. Do not order Real Wood Door pivot door slabs if you are not able to properly install hardware, finish, or hang your Real Wood Door. If in doubt, seek out a trusted, professional door finisher/installer near you to complete your Real Wood Door pivoting door experience.

Your Real Wood Door is available as unfinished base door only. For finishing and hardware, see your favorite pivot door company, millwork, or door builder for more information.

Thank you for supporting Real Wood Doors.


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Real Wood Door

Welcome to Real Wood Door where we make the best doors made of real wood in the USA.

True raised panel door vs false raised-panel door.

False raised panel door can be easily collapsed offers no insulation or sound deadening capabilities.

Better quality doors, like a Real Wood Door, makes happier rental clientele.

Registered Trade Mark Real Wood Door.

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It is better than real wood if your door is a patent-licensed Real Wood Door.

Real Wood Door = 10X Better

1. Stronger than real wood or even fiber glass and metal door pound for pound
2. More dimensionally stable than solid wood door. Less twist, warp, and crack
3. High precision which creates an unparalleled true flat look
4. Lighter than solid wood and other type of doors (less than half of the weight of other solid doors)
5. More insulation …. almost 3 times more insulation value than any other wood door
6. Increased sound-deadening benefits and performance than any 6 panel door
7. Affordable.
8. Great look of solid wood door without the expensive cost
9. Eco-friendly use of natural and recycled materials for sustainability
10. Responsible use of high-quality natural wood used in the manufacture of every Real Wood Door