Real Wood Door

Welcome to Real Wood Door where we make the best doors made of real wood in the USA.

True raised panel door vs false raised-panel door.

False raised panel door can be easily collapsed offers no insulation or sound deadening capabilities.

Better quality doors, like a Real Wood Door, makes happier rental clientele.

Registered Trade Mark Real Wood Door.

Tell your door dealer you want a Real Wood Door.

Why patent-licensed Real Wood Door is the best door made in USA?

It is better than real wood if your door is a patent-licensed Real Wood Door.

Real Wood Door = 10X Better

1. Stronger than real wood or even fiber glass and metal door pound for pound
2. More dimensionally stable than solid wood door. Less twist, warp, and crack
3. High precision which creates an unparalleled true flat look
4. Lighter than solid wood and other type of doors (less than half of the weight of other solid doors)
5. More insulation …. almost 3 times more insulation value than any other wood door
6. Increased sound-deadening benefits and performance than any 6 panel door
7. Affordable.
8. Great look of solid wood door without the expensive cost
9. Eco-friendly use of natural and recycled materials for sustainability
10. Responsible use of high-quality natural wood used in the manufacture of every Real Wood Door

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